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Tudip – Bestvantage Incubation Program

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Objective: The purpose of this program is to develop an ecosystem for budding and startups and help nurture them.


Eligibility: This scheme will be applicable to early stage and growth startups with strong founding team


What can a startup expect?

  • Supported by Tudip technologies to develop IT products (web and mobile product) and for initial marketing.

  • Co-working place for team of 4 in Pune

  • Weekly mentorship session with industry mentors and industry stalwarts

  • Funding upto Rs 50 lakhs per startup. This amount will be reinvested to develop product capabilities.

  • Support by Bestvantage to help further raise capital.

  • Support startups to hire the best talent.



  • 6% Mentor equity by Tudip Ventures

  • 2% Mentor equity from Bestvantage Technology India Pvt Ltd (Bestvantage)

  • Royalty of 5% of sales till 3X of investment amount is recovered. This royalty will be shared in 2:1 between Tudip Ventures and Bestvantage


Last day to Apply: June 1, 2024


How to apply:


Fill in the form and get started

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