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Pitch deck services

The first step to secure any funding is to build a credible pitch deck. The pitch deck always reaches before you reach your investor so it’s super important that you build a pitch deck that speaks for itself and appropriately communicates how you differentiate vs competition.

We help you make the pitch decks that make your investors go wow! We make pitch decks that help you get FUNDED!

Please note pitch decks can help you ace the investor meeting, but the next question from every investor would be month on month MIS and 5-year projections. Don’t worry we got your back! Enroll for our services as below

Pitch deck services: Rs 75,000 plus GST 
Financial projections: Rs 50,000 plus GST 
Month MIS preparation: Rs 20,000 plus GST

Due diligence: Rs. 40,000 plus GST

Get the entire package for a discounted price of Rs 1,50,000 plus GST

Fill in the form below, and our customer representative will call you, or you can reach out to Laxmi on +91 98675 70762

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