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Marquee Angels from Bestvantage, Invest D2C Health Food Brand - Supply6

Bangalore-based Health Food and Convenience brand Supply6 has recently raised an undisclosed figure in a Pre-Series A round of funding led by marquee angels from Bestvantage Investments.

According to Vaibhav Bhandari, CEO and Co-Founder of Supply6, the funds will be allocated towards expanding product offerings, taking the distribution process to the next level, and onboarding new talent to optimize the team for its future goals. Co-founded by Vaibhav Bhandari and Rahul Jacob in 2019, Supply6 has scaled up over 10x in the past year. It aims to solve the problem of accessing nutrition for individuals leading busy lifestyles and those who are always on-the-go. It does so by making nutrient-rich food items in extremely convenient formats that can be consumed anywhere and at any time. Its flagship product is the Supply6 Drinkable Meal, which is nutritionally complete, vegan, and functionally convenient.

The brand is currently aiming to expand its range of products by introducing similar healthy food items that can be consumed on a busy schedule. It also has an eco-friendly and sustainable vision, promoting plant-based food alternatives that cause a much smaller carbon footprint.

CEO Vaibhav Bhandari shared his views and future goals post the funding event, “Making wholesome nutrition accessible and fun has always been the core principle of everything we do at Supply6. The Supply6 Drinkable Meal has come a long way in fulfilling the nutrient deficit caused by frequently skipped meals. Our next phase is going to be all about exploring more such dietary lifestyle gaps and introducing category-first products to fulfill them."

Rahul Jacob, Co-Founder and COO, also expressed his views about what led to the successful fundraise, "Speaking to our customers has given us some interesting insights. It has helped us ideate & develop varied formats of nutritious food and snacks while keeping convenience and taste at the heart of everything we do." Supply6 products are currently being sold via their own web portal and other reputed e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Cred. They are also available offline acrossm select vending machines in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Raman Sharma, founder, Bestvantage Investments, quoted, “The Supply6 team has a strong focus on profitability and positive unit economics. It has shown a steady and impressive growth curve in the last few quarters. Their Phase 2 product plans look extremely promising. I believe that the brand will eventually become synonymous with healthy and convenient eating when away from home"

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