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PatilKaki: Crafting Success, One Savory Bite at a Time

When it comes to the food world, PatilKaki is an excellent example of the spirit of an entrepreneur; you have what it takes – you find your way. Her known mouth-watered savories brought up an interesting story from home kitchen to Cap70 Angles and Bestvantage Investments.

There was no secret about Kaki’s culinary skills – many gathered at her house to enjoy her flavourful delicacies, the notable ones being poha and delishies. As the aroma of her cooking spread, Kaki found herself facing a question that many passionate cooks encounter: The question that remained unanswered was how she could share these culinary delights with the masses.

Meet Vinit Patil and Darsheel, Kaki’s son and nephew, who are part of the IT services industry and have big plans for a product-based entity. Little did they know that the solution to what Kaki approached them about was right under their roof. Patil Kaki’s seed was sown, and no sooner than it blossomed into an online shop that delivers delicious, wholesome, and quality conventional snacking products for many more customers.

The turning point for her was making it onto the screen of SharkTankIndia, where Patilkaki gained admiration and love from sharp-eyed sharks. Patilkaki’s new take on the old school snacks resonated with users, making it famous to viewers and ensuring that they love it for life.

Currently, PatilKaki has successfully raised capital through support from Cap70 Angels and Bestvantage Investments; hence, it is set to commence the second phase of its aromatic journey. To the loving investors and customers, the founders say thank you for the love. It not only verifies PatilKaki’s potency but also is a statement that people believe in mixing tradition with innovation in the Indian food world.

In looking ahead, PatilKaki remains proof of an old wisdom “entrepreneurship in the essence is the expression of desire for change, innovativeness and the belief that “where there’s a will, there must always be a way.”

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