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Very Much Indian, the Paithani Saree Maestro, Secures Strategic Lead Investor from Bestvantage Investments

Pune, Maharashtra: In a significant move for the traditional art of Paithani saree weaving, Very Much Indian, a Shark Tank winner and a leading name in the realm of Paithani sarees, is thrilled to announce a strategic lead investor from Bestvantage Investments. The company is poised to close the funding round by the end of December, marking a pivotal moment in its journey.

Reviving Tradition: A Shark Tank Winner's Vision

Very Much Indian, founded by the visionary Slony Gambhir, has been at the forefront of reviving and redefining the traditional art of Paithani saree weaving. The infusion of funds from Bestvantage Investments, alongside the support of Shark Tank investors Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar, is set to propel the company towards new heights.

Strengthening Supply Chain and Expanding Global Presence

Slony Gambhir, Founder and CEO of Very Much Indian, expressed excitement about the strategic investors joining the journey. "We are thrilled to have the support of strategic investors who will share our passion and help strengthen the supply chain in Paithani sarees," said Gambhir. The funds raised will play a pivotal role in expanding reach, establishing offline presence, innovating designs, and contributing to the sustenance of the exquisite Paithani weaving craft.

Bestvantage Investments and Sharks Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar on Board

The strategic infusion of capital will be strategically utilized to enhance manufacturing capabilities, invest in technological advancements, and introduce new design collections that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics. Very Much Indian remains dedicated to providing saree enthusiasts with authentic, handwoven Paithani sarees that embody the essence of Indian craftsmanship.

Raman Sharma, Founder of Bestvantage Investments, shared his enthusiasm for supporting Very Much Indian's mission, stating, "Very Much Indian is keeping our tradition and culture alive and is supporting artisans. We are happy to support them in this endeavor."

Preserving Culture, Promoting Artisans

Very Much Indian stands as a distinguished Paithani saree company committed to preserving and promoting the art of handwoven Paithani sarees. With a focus on authenticity and craftsmanship, Very Much Indian curates a stunning collection of sarees that reflect the cultural richness and heritage of India. Explore the timeless beauty of Paithani sarees at

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