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The team behind Bestvantage - We help you find the next Unicorn!

  • Raman Sharma has around a decade of extensive experience in Finance and treasury and worked in fortune 500 companies such as Dow Chemicals, EY and BASF.

  • His last position was as a CFO.

  • He started Nextjobnet as a Human capital and then started an investment platform Bestvantage investments.

  • Raman Sharma is a rank holder Chartered Accountant and is a CPA (US).

  • He has also completed his masters from IIM Ahmedabad (The No 1 B School in India and Top 30 FT ranked college)

  • Raman likes swimming and playing with his two dogs.

Raman Sharma
Founder & CEO
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Ankita Rajput
Director - Investments

Ankita Rajput has 5+ years of extensive experience in sales management.

Her last position was as a Head - Customer Success at Nextjobnet.

She worked at MultiFit Wellness as a Marketing Manager.

She completed her PGDM from ITM Business School.

Ankita likes traveling, singing, and dancing.

Azahar Alam

Azahar Alam has 1 year of experience in website and app development.

His last position was as an SRF at IIT Dhanbad.

He worked on many tech projects.

He completed his M.Tech from IIT Dhanbad.

Azahar likes to play cricket, badminton, and writing.

About Us

Founded by IIM Ahmedabad alumni, Bestvantage wants to help investors access alternative investments in startups in a safe, transparent way so that investors have full access to information to make decisions about investing in startups.

Today’s investors are bored of traditional options of investment that don’t even meet the annual inflation. For instance, bank deposits yield just 3% which does not even cover the inflation rate

Our company is founded on the following pillars - 

1. Startup verification: All startups on board as well as their founders are rigorously verified by a third-party agency. This increases the credibility of the startups listed. This is the first in India


2. Reliable information: All relevant information about the industry, business model, pitch deck, and founders is on the site. We are the first in India to have a recording of founders pitching on the platform so that investors can understand proposals better. More power to investors !!


3. Accessibility: Our website is mobile optimized and we would be launching our android and IOS apps soon so that investors can access information at their fingertips


4. Credible founder: we are looking at founders with pedigree or folks who have in-depth domain experience. After all, founders are the jockey on whom we bet on

5. Scalability: We curate replicable businesses that can create long-term value for investor wealth.

6. Spike: We look at parameters that indicate that the startup is posited to be the next Unicorn. This could include but is not limited to parameters such as investment by VCs, strong incubation, recognition by credible startup eco-system, etc

Bestvantage - The advantage on your side

“We aim to meet the short term, medium-term, and long term capital needs of clients including seed finance and Series A funding”

Bestvantage investments deal with various clients and have tie-ups with banks, financial institutions, HNI, NBFC, private equity players, and FII which helps us provide capital to you at the lowest cost

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